Our deputation to General Convention, along with ECW reps, volunteers and more, met a few nights ago to prepare for the 79th General Convention of The Episcopal Church beginning in Austin, TX July 5. This group of hard-working Maryland folks, in addition to committing themselves to making the best decisions possible on upcoming legislation, will be participating with a new perspective as we prepare to host General Convention 80 #GC80 in Baltimore in 2021.

Keep these wonderful people in your prayers and if you see them, thank them for their hard work! Come to this page to keep up with the latest news from General Convention. There will be a media hub where you can watch legislation, reports, interviews and even a new component called TEC Talks!

Our 2018 deputation: 

The 79th General Convention of the Episcopal Church

Lay Deputies

      1. Ms. Kate Riley
      2. Ms. Alma Thompson Bell
      3. Mr. Mark Garcia
      4. Mr. David Mallery
      5. Mr. Russell Reno
      6. Ms. Dian Nelson
      7. Ms. Victoria Willard
      8. Ms. Margo Landon

Clergy Deputies

      1. The Rev. Dina van Klaveren
      2. The Rev. Ramelle McCall
      3. The Rev. Stewart Lucas
      4. The Rev. Canon Scott Slater
      5. The Rev. Dion Thompson
      6. The Rev. Canon Dr. Angela Shepherd
      7. The Rev. Travis Smith
      8. The Rev. Ken Saunders

Episcopal Church Women Triennial

    • Ms. Dorothy Arthur
    • Ms. Bernice Turner
    • Ms. Sharon Tillman