From Grassroots to Government: A Climate Assessment Presents a Moral Opportunity

By Christina Colón 12-03-2018

A recent U.S. climate assessment made headlines last week for its conclusion that the victims of climate change are no longer some future generation, but us — and we’re feeling the effects now.

Three days after the Trump administration published the report — on the biggest shopping day of the year — Katharine Hayhoe, one of the authors, appeared in a webinar hosted by nonprofit news network, Climate Central, where she stressed that climate change is real, serious, and the “window of time to prevent widespread dangerous impacts is closing fast.”

Climate change will not affect everyone equally, the report shows, but no one is slated to be left untouched.

In addition to more extreme temperatures and climate disasters such as fires and floods, the 1,656-page assessment projects increased risks or failures to “critical systems including water resources, food production and distribution, energy and transportation, public health, international trade, and national security.”