Photos and reflection by Caroline Bomgardner

This year’s Good Friday walk through the streets of West Baltimore took us to 22 sites where people lost their lives to gun violence in the last twelve months. We prayed for each one by name. Sadly we came across two new ones as well as other markers where people had died in other years, we prayed for those people too. My photos show both the brighter side of the city along with the markers of lives cut way too short. May all their souls Rest In Peace.

What is Good Friday?

Good Friday is the Friday before Easter Day, on which the church commemorates the crucifixion of Jesus. It is a day of fasting and special acts of discipline and self-denial. In the early church candidates for baptism, joined by others, fasted for a day or two before the Paschal feast. In the west the first of those days eventually acquired the character of historical reenactment of the passion and death of Christ. The liturgy of the day includes John’s account of the Passion gospel, a solemn form of intercession known as the solemn collects (dating from ancient Rome), and optional devotions before the cross (commonly known as the veneration of the cross). The eucharist is not celebrated in the Episcopal Church on Good Friday, but Holy Communion may be administered from the reserved sacrament at the Good Friday service. The BCP appoints readings for Morning Prayer and Evening Prayer on Good Friday.