The Rev. Flo Ledyard, St. Bartholomew's Episcopal Church

Thank you to the Baltimore Sun’s Jonathan Pitts for writing this story on Baltimore preachers’ Easter sermons.

by Jonathan Pitts
The Baltimore Sun

Three days after Jesus was killed, Scriptures say, his follower Mary Magdalene went to his tomb only to see, to her horror, that his body was gone.

Then she noticed someone standing nearby, a man she didn’t recognize. She figured he must be the gardener.

Only when he spoke did she realize he was Jesus come back to life.

“Even today, most of us can relate to the confusion she must have felt, that sense of expectations completely reversed,” says the Rev. Florence Ledyard, an Episcopal priest who expects to spotlight the moment in her Easter sermon in Ten Hills on Sunday. “I’m thinking of posing this question: Why do we, too, have so much trouble seeing Jesus in our midst?”

Some call it the Super Bowl of sermons.

The Rev. Florence Ledyard, St. Bartholomew’s Episcopal Church, Baltimore: “On Easter, I’m often looking at the way that early community, the people around Jesus, reacted to the resurrection. What is it about this distinctive, unique event that transforms us? What is it about this remarkable event that all of us struggle to understand and receive and be blessed by?… I’ve been preaching for 40 years and I’ve yet to find a time when the Scriptures were not lively and alive with opportunity.” Read the full story about “The Super Bowl of Sermons” and see video featuring the Rev. Flo Leyard here.