Father Steve McCarty

A huge thanks to Fr. Steve McCarty for doing this livestream demo for us while livestreaming! 🙂 Steve is the vicar of Saint Andrew’s Episcopal Church, Clear Spring and has been offering virtual worship via Facebook Live for about five years. Watch his demo for a walk through on how to set up and offer a pastoral presence on a low budget. These are great tips!

Watch Father Steve’s demonstration to get all of his good advice.

Tips from Father McCarty from years of experience:

  1. Use a monitor
  2. Use regular, not selfie mode
  3. Check your bluetooth
  4. Be sure not to hit “effects” so you don’t have “bunny ears” on your broadcast
  5. Put your phone on airplane mode and turn off notifications to avoid interruptions
  6. Let silence fill the space where you need to collect your thoughts
  7. Be natural but not too casual or too robotic

And many, many more.