by the Rev. Kathy Shahinian
Deacon for Public Policy
Session 2021 Pre-Session Update for our diocese
This year the Maryland General Assembly 2021 will look a little different. Opening day for the session is January 13, 2021 and House and Senate chambers may be empty and quiet. Great efforts have been taken by both houses to create safe conditions during this pandemic.
An example of the many efforts to keep Marylanders safe if visiting the General Assembly, include extensive cleaning and sanitizing of the buildings, virtual hearings, limits on in-person meetings with legislators, Covid19 testing for legislators during session, public demonstrations, meetings with leadership, a two person visitor limit and legislative aides providing escorts to meetings represent some of the changes in Annapolis this year.
Please find the link for both houses:
Maryland House of Delegates guidelines
The Maryland Episcopal Public Policy Network (MEPPN) has already attended hearings this fall in the Senate that were concerned with police reform. We have provided written testimony and are working with coalitions to advance pertinent legislation.
This year we have a premier advocacy alert program that will provide Senate and House bill information, hearing dates and times to keep you informed and make sure your voice is understood.
Stay tuned for additional updates as we move towards the session and we also will be planning a Virtual Episcopal Advocacy Day. Look for future details in January.