Yesterday, we witnessed the unthinkable: an angry mob storming what the world views as the seat of a just and democratic government. For those of us who hold the core value of justice for all sacred in both the personal and the political contexts, we know that since its founding, our country has not served justice for all, but justice only for some. This angry and mostly white group of insurrectionists largely departed the Capitol freely in stark contrast to the way those peacefully protesting the oppression of Black Americans just a few months ago were rounded up in unmarked vans in the dark of night. We saw White Privilege on full and shameful display yesterday, and for those people who keep saying, “This is not who we are!” we reply: “We” is a broad category, and yes, this IS who some of us are.

As Christians, perhaps the most horrifying image of yesterday’s planned and successfully executed chaos was the huge cross that some had lofted and waved repeatedly in the midst of the mob. We, the baptized, have vowed to respect the dignity of all humans, seeking the Christ within them. We, the baptized carry the special responsibility of being the light of Christ on Earth and there can be no confusing the symbols of light with the symbols of darkness. The politically motivated darkness perpetrated on our country on the Feast of the Epiphany, no less, must never be confused with anything to do with the ministry and commission of Jesus Christ to all the baptized. Therefore, let there be no confusion with respect to the mission and posture of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of the Episcopal Diocese of Maryland:

  1. We know white supremacy when we see it, and we will continue to speak out against it;
  2. We recognize the that the persistence of racism to this day is the legacy of chattel slavery, which is the historic manifestation of White Supremacy ideology;
  3. We will actively work toward racial reconciliation as befitting its central importance in the present and future ministry of The Episcopal Church.

The chaos of darkness is no place for the Cross of Christ, and there is no place for White Supremacy in the Body of Christ.