September 17, 2021

Dear People of the Diocese of Maryland,

After a season of prayer, discernment and consultation with my family, trusted friends, and advisors, I write to you to call for the election of a bishop coadjutor to take place in Spring 2023. My intention is to serve with my successor until sometime in 2024 when, God willing, I will resign and retire after 16 wonderful years as your diocesan bishop.

I have notified the Most Reverend Michael B. Curry, presiding bishop of The Episcopal Church, and the Right Reverend Todd Ousley, who serves in the Presiding Bishop’s Office as the Bishop for Pastoral Development, of my intentions, and they assure us of their love and support of our diocese as we enter this time of transition. I’m also extremely grateful for the advice and consent of the Standing Committee in leading up to this announcement, and in a few days they will be communicating with you about next steps in the transition process.

My decision in making this announcement comes from a happy place in my life both personally and professionally. In both the good times and hard times that come to all of us in church leadership, I’ve been constantly amazed and gratified by the amount of love and support that you, the people of this diocese, have given to your bishop and to each other. I have joyfully and faithfully served with you since 2008, but now it’s time for me to begin the process of stepping aside to allow a fresh generation of leadership to guide us as a diocese into the future.

We’ve accomplished much together, and for the next few years we have much more to do. In living into our vision of being a community of love, we are continuing our mission efforts in congregational vitality, new church starts, Christian formation and racial reconciliation. I’m energized about upcoming efforts to support both the Claggett Center and the Sutton Scholars High School Enrichment program in exciting new ways. In these and in so many other ways, our common mission of encountering Christ everywhere and engaging in God’s ministry of reconciliation in Maryland and beyond continues.

May God bless us, and may the Holy Spirit lead us as we journey together in the years ahead.

Faithfully yours,

The Right Reverend Eugene Taylor Sutton
14th Bishop of the Diocese of Maryland