The Standing Committee of the Diocese of Maryland has published a Charge to a Transition Committee. It is meant to facilitate the introduction of candidates for Bishop Coadjutor to the diocese and the diocese to the candidates, manage key elements in preparation for the election, and design the process that leads up to the consecration of the new bishop. This process involves organizing a variety of events (including logistical details), ensuring smooth channels of communication, and providing a pastoral presence to candidates and diocesan members alike.

We are looking for people who:

  • Are enthusiastic and energetic;
  • Are able to commit significant time from November 2022 through Bishop Sutton’s departure in the Spring of 2024;
  • Work well with others as team players, who can accept the group’s decision and carry out tasks within that framework;
  • Are good communicators — both within the committee and with the diocese, keeping others informed about what is happening;
  • Have basic digital and internet skills, and who are comfortable with cloud-based document sharing, Zoom or Team meetings, and social media;
  • Are able to partner with diocesan staff and outside vendors to accomplish tasks;
  • Are creative — offering innovative ways of doing things, bright ideas to introduce the candidates to the diocese and the diocese to the candidates;
  • Are able to keep deadlines on tasks and can self-manage time and effort;
  • Represent the demographic and theological richness of the Diocese of Maryland;
  • Are seriously committed to the confidentiality of many phases of this process and ready and able to confine comments and details to the committee alone.
  • There are some more specialized skills that are required by the tasks of the Transition Committee.
  • Experience in planning large events, like charity functions, golf tournaments, athletic tournaments, large parish or school events, and even weddings. Particularly helpful are people who have experience planning Diocesan Convention;
  • Experience with the Claggett Center and the Washington National Cathedral;
  • Experience in planning large liturgies and willingness to work with the Presiding Bishop’s staff and other national leaders.

Finally, members of the Transition Committee must be committed to faithful prayer for other members of the team and the ultimate outcome of their tasks, which will result in the seating of the XV Bishop of Maryland. They must remember the responses ordered in many places in The Book of Common Prayer: “We will, with God’s help.”

If you are interested in submitting your name for consideration to serve as a member of the Transition Committee, please email to share your intent. Your Transition Committee co-chairs, the Rev. Dr. Mark Gatza and Ms. Alma Bell, will be in touch. The deadline to submit your name for consideration is Tuesday, November 1, 2022.

Remember to visit the Bishop Search page on our virtual diocesan center for the latest information. Please keep the Search Committee, the Standing Committee, the Transition Committee co-chairs and our diocese in your prayers.


The Standing Committee of the Episcopal Diocese of Maryland