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Interfaith Partners for the Chesapeake Focus on a Leader, Dick Williams

When Dick Williams is pressed, he’ll agree that he has become a community leader in environmental activism, but he seems to do so with reluctance. Perhaps it’s because he didn’t aspire to be a leader, but rather was led to it by God and his faith. The seeds of Dick’s activism might well have been planted while he served as a consultant for Marine Corps housing on Guam. Asked to incorporate sustainability standards into building specifications, he familiarized himself with LEED®(Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) environmental awareness.

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Saving Ellicott City

Ellicott City has suffered two devastating floods in three years’ time, and the possibility is high there will be more. The Rev. Anjel Scarborough, priest-in-charge of our church St. Peter’s, Ellicott City, is interviewed in this moving and informing documentary. In the case of each flood, St. Peter’s has stepped up to help lead the recovery efforts.

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Baltimore preachers bring their best to the pulpit for Easter

The Rev. Florence Ledyard, St. Bartholomew’s Episcopal Church, Baltimore: “On Easter, I’m often looking at the way that early community, the people around Jesus, reacted to the resurrection. What is it about this distinctive, unique event that transforms us? What is it about this remarkable event that all of us struggle to understand and receive and be blessed by?…

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