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From the Archives: St. Philip’s Church, Annapolis, Part II

The Rev. Robert Powell became vicar in July of 1971, and the congregation entered a time of rapid growth. By 1976, its budget had tripled, and its membership quadrupled, including some white families. Fr. Powell, active in diocesan affairs, served as president of the Standing Committee, the first African American to hold that post in the diocese’s history.

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From the Archives: St. Philip’s Church, Annapolis, Part I

The recognition of one-hundred-fifty years of ministry in Annapolis was celebrated by St. Philip’s Church on September 20, 2020, with a message from Michael Curry, the Presiding Bishop of the Episcopal Church. But this was not the first time Michael Curry had spoken at an anniversary celebration for St. Philip’s. At their 120th anniversary, on May 20, 1990, he was the preacher, and the new rector of St. James’ Church, Baltimore. Thus, spanning a space of thirty years, the circle was reconnected.

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From the Archives: Christian Responsibility

Since the beginning of the Experiment of Democracy in this country, elections and the duty to vote have been discussed, written about, disagreed about, and bandied back and forth. The church, and those within it, have not avoided opinion and have used their positions to influence others.

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From the Archives: St. Philip’s Church, Cumberland, Part II

On January 21, 1966, Paul Holland wrote to William Wilson of Emmanuel’s vestry, “Our records indicate that the deed for St. Philip’s church property on Smallwood Street and a small trust fund are held by Emmanuel Church, in trust for St. Philip’s and that Emmanuel has no financial interest therein. The time is approaching when full integration of St. Philip’s and Holy Cross will come about.

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