A Timeshare in Babylon

When the system is disturbed or upset in some way, the parts of the system can reorganize onto a higher level. The new life resulting from the stress and disruption thus destroys the entropy of habit and stasis, thereby forcing a different solution.

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All shall be well in God’s time

During this pandemic many of us are isolated but for these small Zoom windows that give us relationship and connection with the wider world and through which we can counsel each other. We are suffering from asphyxiation, not able to breathe out of fear, anxiety or literal illness from this virus. How are we to navigate that? How can we, like Julian, know the depth of God’s love in this time?

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“What Would Love Do?” – A Message from Presiding Bishop Michael Curry

What would love do? Love is the community praying together, in ways old and new. Love finds a path in this new normal to build church communities around being in relationship with God. Love supports Christians in spiritual practices. Prayer, meditation, study. Turn, Learn, Pray, Worship, Bless, Go, Rest. What would love do? Love calls us to care for our neighbors, for our enemies. Love calls us to attend to those in prison, to those who are homeless, to those in poverty, to children, to immigrants and refugees. Love calls us to be in relationship with those with whom we disagree.What would love do?  Love calls us to be gentle with ourselves, to forgive our own mistakes, to take seriously the Sabbath. Love calls us to be in love with God, to cultivate a loving relationship with God, to spend time with God, to be still and know that God is God.

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