Churchwide News

Statement on the 80th General Convention from the Diocese of Maryland

While we are disappointed at the thought of not being able to welcome as many Episcopalians to Baltimore for as long as originally planned, we are grateful that the 80th General Convention will still be held in Baltimore this summer. We invite all Episcopalians to visit Baltimore and our diocese virtually through our host website,

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Upcoming General Convention legislative committee hearings

Before the COVID-19 pandemic, legislative committee hearings for General Convention were held only on site, at Convention, never before Convention and never on a conferencing platform. This year’s Convention allows communicants of the broader Church more opportunity to attend open hearings. Take a look. You are welcome to register and attend these upcoming hearings.

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Report calls church to address harms of white supremacy, colonial and imperial legacies; create $2 million healing coalition

“The coalition is a vehicle to affirm and coordinate so much good work already happening throughout the church,” Kitagawa said in the press release announcing the report. “It will help the church to begin much-needed structural and cultural changes in our quest to build the Beloved Community.”

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Diocesan Archivist interviewed about research on San Domingo, MD Free Black Community

Klein could see names, property records, occupations. She could even see multiple freedom certificates describing free Black individuals down to the last chillingly specific detail — 5 feet and a half inch tall, “dark copper color,” missing “the first joint of her middle finger on her right hand,” a scar under the chin, “very pert in her talk.”

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