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Sherwood Episcopal Church Awarded $1.7 Million Grant for Stormwater Management Project

During heavy rain events, stormwater flows from higher-elevation, asphalted housing developments on Sherwood Hill above the Sherwood campus to a gully behind the church. As a result, the campus is flooded with pollutants, debris, and sediment which move over the church and neighboring properties, then further downhill to heavily trafficked York Road. The polluted stormwater continues to Beaverdam Run, a tributary of Loch Raven Reservoir, and into the greater Baltimore drinking water supply.

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Carrie Schofield-Broadbent consecrated Maryland bishop coadjutor

Deeply committed to honoring the dignity of every human being, Schofield-Broadbent consistently attends to her own work around race, climate change, economic justice and full-inclusion of LGBTQ+ people. She is committed to helping The Episcopal Church grow in these areas. Her consecration represents a significant step in furthering the Episcopal Diocese of Maryland’s commitment to inclusive leadership and fostering a vibrant, diverse and welcoming faith community.

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Meet the Rev. Arlette D. Benoit Joseph, consecration preacher

The Rev. Arlette D. Benoit Joseph will preach at the service of ordination and consecration of the Rev. Carrie K. Schofield-Broadbent this Saturday, September 16 at Washington National Cathedral. The Rev. Joseph is passionate about the spiritual and emotional wellness of clergy, as well as the Christian and Spiritual Formation of all God’s people. She approaches her calling with vibrancy and vitality.

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Meet Bishop Mary Gray-Reeves, chief consecrator at the service of ordination and consecration of the Rev. Carrie K. Schofield-Broadbent

My prayers are with you as the day of ordination and consecration of Carrie Schofield-Broadbent approaches. I know we are all concerned for the Presiding Bishop’s health and we look forward to each time we are able to be with him, worshipping in the Spirit. Over the years I have had the pleasure of connecting with Carrie as her spirited, strong and uplifting ‘self’ engaged with the Holy Spirit to form her vocation.

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Ordination and Consecration Update: the Right Rev. Mary Gray-Reeves to serve as chief consecrator September 16

Presiding Bishop Michael Bruce Curry is scheduled to have surgery September 8 and will be attending to his health in the month of September. He will not be with us at the Ordination and Consecration of the Rev. Carrie K. Schofield-Broadbent September 16 at Washington National Cathedral.

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