Diocesan Center

Bishop Sutton announces archdeacon transitions

Bishop Eugene Taylor Sutton announces the following three transitions in the leadership of the Diocese of Maryland’s diaconal support ministries, all effective September 1, 2020. “Ruth+ and Frank+ are both extremely capable individuals who will bring considerable pastoral and administrative gifts to their new roles in the Diocese of Maryland,” said Bishop Sutton. “I look forward to working with our two new archdeacons in the years ahead.”

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Regathering in our Diocese

For us, in this stage of living in a pandemic, love means not gathering together in person until we can do so safely. In fact, given the time a congregation will need to prepare for “significantly-limited gatherings” in the next phase of regathering, there will be no live in-person worship services permitted in the Diocese of Maryland until Sunday, May 31, the Feast of Pentecost, at the earliest.

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All shall be well in God’s time

During this pandemic many of us are isolated but for these small Zoom windows that give us relationship and connection with the wider world and through which we can counsel each other. We are suffering from asphyxiation, not able to breathe out of fear, anxiety or literal illness from this virus. How are we to navigate that? How can we, like Julian, know the depth of God’s love in this time?

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