Diocesan News

C.A.M.P. at Claggett Offers Alternative to At-Home Virtual Learning

There is a growing trend, among families with the financial means, to hire private tutors, or form “microschools” with like-households (“pandemic pods”) that combine resources to hire educators. These trends may exacerbate the already significant education and opportunity gap between wealthy and moderate-to-low-income families, a gap which disproportionately impacts people of color.

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Bishop Sutton announces archdeacon transitions

Bishop Eugene Taylor Sutton announces the following three transitions in the leadership of the Diocese of Maryland’s diaconal support ministries, all effective September 1, 2020. “Ruth+ and Frank+ are both extremely capable individuals who will bring considerable pastoral and administrative gifts to their new roles in the Diocese of Maryland,” said Bishop Sutton. “I look forward to working with our two new archdeacons in the years ahead.”

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Human beings are what’s made in the image of God

The only way to end the violence – and that is the violence perpetrated against Black bodies, not the mere looting of stuff – is a Truth and Reconciliation Commission for the actions that we have committed as a country. A full accounting of what we have done. The complete truth of what we have done, no lies, no “Law Enforcement Officer’s Bill of Rights,” no more “law and order” as a justification for evil.

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