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Maryland partnership blends Episcopal Lutheran congregations while upholding both traditions

Communion at 901 Courtney Road in Arbutus, Maryland, looks a bit different from Communion at most Episcopal congregations. Worshippers choose between wine and grape juice, with the option of drinking out of small individual cups instead of the common cup.The reason? This congregation is a little bit Episcopal and a little bit Lutheran.

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Does your Baltimore congregation participate in BUILD?

The current scandals plaguing City Hall only highlight a more urgent truth: Baltimore has operated for too many years without a clear vision or strategy, one that is independent of changes in our political leadership. As Baltimoreans, we simply cannot wait around for, or depend upon, any one single politician to cast a strategic vision. It is the job of a broader sector of leadership to create, support, and champion that vision.

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Episcopal Church’s Opioid Task Force makes Way of Love pilgrimage to West Virginia

On March 25-26, 2019, lay and ordained people from five states across the greater Mid Atlantic region walked the Way of Love (For more information on the Way of Love, see: https://www.episcopalchurch.org/way-of-love) to Huntington, West Virginia, a town hit hard by the tragedy of the opioid epidemic.

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A reflection from the chaplain of St. Paul’s School: Why Episcopal schools matter

I felt called to teach in an Episcopal school when I was serving as the associate rector at a parish in Baltimore. In the midst of my ministry at St. David’s in the Roland Park neighborhood of Maryland’s largest city, I was discerning where my next call would take me. Of course, I thought I would find God leading me to another parish in the diocese.

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