Diocesan News

Regathering in our Diocese

For us, in this stage of living in a pandemic, love means not gathering together in person until we can do so safely. In fact, given the time a congregation will need to prepare for “significantly-limited gatherings” in the next phase of regathering, there will be no live in-person worship services permitted in the Diocese of Maryland until Sunday, May 31, the Feast of Pentecost, at the earliest.

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“Do Not Be Afraid” – A Reflection by the Right Rev. Eugene Taylor Sutton

In our own Diocese there have been numerous occasions when individual congregations thought their doors would be closed forever. The American Revolution took an enormous toll on the Anglican churches in Maryland. During the Civil War, several congregations in the middle part of the diocese stopped gathering for a while – years for a few – their buildings ravaged and their congregations torn asunder.

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