Theological Reflection – the poetry of Malcolm Guite

Like the other arts, poetry has the capacity to, in Lewis’ own phrase, “steal past those watchful dragons” of our hardened hearts in such a way that we are able to encounter God afresh. That’s what I experienced among my colleagues last week, when in our biweekly Theological Reflection time we spent an hour simply reading some of Guite’s poems and reflecting on them.

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Behind the scenes tips on livestreaming from the Rev. Steve McCarty

A huge thanks to Fr. Steve McCarty for doing this livestream demo for us while livestreaming! 🙂 Steve is the vicar of Saint Andrew’s Episcopal Church, Clear Spring and has been offering virtual worship via Facebook Live for about five years. Watch his demo for a walk through on how to set up and offer a pastoral presence on a low budget. These are great tips!

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