“There was a mouse for want of stairs, ran up a rope to say his prayers.”

As a child, Isaac loved to read and loved rhyming verse. One evening during family devotions, he saw a mouse climbing up the bell-pull and was heard to giggle. When questioned by his father, the reply was, “There was a mouse for want of stairs, ran up a rope to say his prayers.”  This angered his father, who threatened punishment, and prompted the reply, “O father, do some mercy take, and I will no more verses make.” 

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Camp Spirit Song at the Claggett Center featured in BBC America Documentary Series

BBC America has produced a three-part documentary series on the opioid addiction crisis in the United States. Camp Spirit Song and the safe space created for children to have fun while surrounded by caring, compassionate staff and peers who can relate to their experiences, is featured in the third installment of the series.

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The Church of the Holy Covenant, Part II

Looking at the sprawling campus of the Johns Hopkins Hospital today, it is hard to imagine that the little Church of the Holy Covenant was once in the middle of a controversial expansion plan. In January of 1986, the diocese received the first official letter from the hospital expressing interest in purchasing the property which housed Holy Covenant so that they could build a new ambulatory care facility.

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