Regional clergy gathering to study Brian McLaren’s “Do I Stay Christian?”

“Parts of this book may be disturbing to some people,” said Bishop Sutton, “but it’s good to revisit our history, have questions and doubts, to exercise the gifts of critical thinking and imagination that God has endowed us with. McLaren’s book challenges us to do so. We are stronger in our faith when we can question it and where it’s going, whether it is making the impact on the world that Jesus would have us make.”

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Building Leaders for a Community of Love: How Sutton Scholars is Supporting a Generation of Youth

Putting self-advocacy into practice takes a variety of forms at Sutton Scholars: sometimes, this involves teaching a scholar how to positively express their emotions after a conflict; sometimes, it’s coaching a scholar through a mock debate or interview; sometimes, it’s introducing scholars to state and city legislators to talk about the issues and concerns they see in their neighborhoods.

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