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Our Church’s commitment to the environment – the GREENGRACE Roadshow

Did you know that our GREENGRACE team is happy to send a representative to your church to help the congregation and individuals become better environmental stewards? The team can perform and environmental audit, connect you to creation care projects in your area, help you discern your call to environmental stewardship and more!

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The Church of the Holy Covenant, Part II

Looking at the sprawling campus of the Johns Hopkins Hospital today, it is hard to imagine that the little Church of the Holy Covenant was once in the middle of a controversial expansion plan. In January of 1986, the diocese received the first official letter from the hospital expressing interest in purchasing the property which housed Holy Covenant so that they could build a new ambulatory care facility.

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The Rev. Ramelle McCall appointed as vice chair to General Convention 2021 Worship Committee

“Having a great cloud of witnesses and the prophetic voice of Bishop Curry, who served as rector of historic St. James’ Episcopal Church in west Baltimore, will really speak truth to power,” he says. I believe in the Church and that God is doing great things in our Church. In some way or another we, as the body of Christ, can, in a short period of time (at General Convention)

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Resolution on racial reconciliation passes unanimously at 235th Diocesan Convention

On Saturday, May 11, 2019 the Diocese of Maryland made history. After a healthy debate at its 235th diocesan convention, Bishop Eugene Taylor Sutton called for a vote on the Resolution on Racial Reconciliation (see full text below).  The “All in favor of this resolution” call resulted in a rousing voice vote of “Aye!” Then came the “All opposed…” vote. There was complete silence.

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