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Holy Week and Easter at Home

To keep us all safe this Holy Week, we are offering formation and worship resources for you to celebrate Holy Week at Home as a supplement to participating in livestreamed worship. These are prayers and activities that can be done in the home or neighborhood (following safe outside distancing and crowding protocols). We hope that everyone can take advantage of this opportunity to ritualize our faith more deeply in our homes.

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Stay calm – Stay connected – Stay church – a Message from Bishop Sutton

Even during this time when we should be staying at home as much as possible for the health and safety of everyone, “walking in this valley” still means finding ways to feed the hungry, clothe the naked, reach out to the lonely, protect the children and the elderly, and care for the sick. This is the diaconal ministry to which we are being called to focus our energies on in this troubled time.

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Episcopal Diocese of Maryland Livestreamed Worship

We are committed Christians worshiping in the Episcopal tradition and working in more than 100 faith communities throughout western, central and southern Maryland. We are a community of love, encountering Christ and engaging the world. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, all public worship is suspended until May 16. Visit our COIVD-19 resources page for online worship and formation opportunities, guidelines and ways we can stay connected. We are a community of love.

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Nightwatch 2020, for Episcoposse, was Divine

During lunch, I was able to make connections with people I would have never been able to talk to, which honestly was the theme of the entire trip. Whether I was on the bus, or during the scavenger hunt, or stopping in a souvenir shop on the street buying my 106th hat, I was able to see people I had never met before and become good friends with them. I was also able to strengthen bonds that I had with my friends. Overall, I think that Nightwatch was a great experience where I was able to grow more as both a Christian and a person.

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From the Archives: Lent

Lent, which derives its name from the Old English word lencten, which mean “springtime,” and from the West Germanic langitinaz, or “lengthening of days,” is a time of preparation for Easter, beginning on Ash Wednesday and lasting fourty days.

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