Will you join us? Lent Madness 2019

On this one day a year, even Lent Madness pauses to reflect on our life, our blessings, and our mortality. The entire season of Lent is an invitation to recommit to following Jesus. This day, Ash Wednesday, is a poignant reminder that life is short. We are meant to savor our earthly life and to live it well. At the end of life, few people regret not having worked more, nor do they wish they had spent more money on stuff. In fact, end of life regrets usually revolve around love.

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Friends and parishioners encouraged to attend neighboring church affected by gun violence

Last weekend was a particularly violent one in Baltimore City. 17 people were shot from Thursday through the weekend, according to The Baltimore Sun, five of them shot and killed a block from St. Katherine of Alexandria Episcopal Church in west Baltimore. The Rev. Grey Maggiano, rector of Memorial Episcopal Church, Bolton Hill, wrote the following invitation on his personal Facebook page Saturday afternoon:

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Engaging faith – Holy Week Passports

At St. Andrews in Glenwood, we have found that helping people focus on Holy Week is fruitful and engaging. For the past two years, we have focused our energy on trying out different programs to help our parishioners experience the full arc of Holy Week, even when they cannot make it to all the services.

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