Sherwood Episcopal Church Awarded $1.7 Million Grant for Stormwater Management Project

During heavy rain events, stormwater flows from higher-elevation, asphalted housing developments on Sherwood Hill above the Sherwood campus to a gully behind the church. As a result, the campus is flooded with pollutants, debris, and sediment which move over the church and neighboring properties, then further downhill to heavily trafficked York Road. The polluted stormwater continues to Beaverdam Run, a tributary of Loch Raven Reservoir, and into the greater Baltimore drinking water supply.

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Diocese of Maryland recognized for its work on racial reconciliation and reparations at the 80th General Convention

Take time to watch Bishop Sutton’s sermon and our Trail of Souls documentary. We are a Community of Love and the The Episcopal Church, at its 80th General Convention, recognized our leadership across the Church in doing the work repairing the breach and tearing down the walls that separate us from living as a Community of Love.

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Hundreds of Episcopalians march, calling for an end to gun violence

A murder on July 7 near the site of General Convention and the urging of two bishops, including one who happened upon the scene as it unfolded, prompted a march of hundreds of people from the Baltimore Convention Center to an open area a few blocks from the scene of the shooting, coordinated by Bishops United Against Gun Violence.

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