Parish Ministry

Landmark partnership brings new life to church property in Baltimore City

In the heart of Baltimore City’s Waverly neighborhood, a historic collaboration is set to breathe new life into our cherished St. John’s Episcopal Church property. At a recent press conference held November 21 in the sanctuary, community leaders, including Councilwoman Odette Ramos, unveiled a landmark partnership between the Sutton Scholars program, the BIT Center, and the Episcopal Diocese of Maryland.

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Sherwood Episcopal Church Awarded $1.7 Million Grant for Stormwater Management Project

During heavy rain events, stormwater flows from higher-elevation, asphalted housing developments on Sherwood Hill above the Sherwood campus to a gully behind the church. As a result, the campus is flooded with pollutants, debris, and sediment which move over the church and neighboring properties, then further downhill to heavily trafficked York Road. The polluted stormwater continues to Beaverdam Run, a tributary of Loch Raven Reservoir, and into the greater Baltimore drinking water supply.

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Bishop Sutton’s notes on the Eucharist – All are welcome and invited!

This week Bishop Sutton addressed the clergy and wardens of our diocese on best suggested practices for the Eucharist, including instructions not to intinct, if possible. For decades, studies have shown that the common cup is not a significant source of disease transmission. They have also shown that putting one’s fingers in the cup transmits significantly more germs into the chalice. Our churches and those across The Episcopal Church each have specific practices around the Eucharist that are unique to each community.

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