Truth and Reconciliation

SLYC continues to operate amid the pandemic, providing support to youth and families. Recently they launched “Words From Within” – a six-episode podcast featuring families who come together to share their stories through performance poetry. Their tales and poetry are full of struggle and pain, the triumph of everyday survival, and the strength of family bonds.

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Annual Trail of Souls Event 2020

If you missed our Annual Trail of Souls Event, please take time to watch. We heard from Keenan Keller, Senior Counsel of the House of Representatives Committee on the Judiciary who has done extensive work on bill HR 40, and from from Baltimore native Kondwani Fidel to discuss his book The Antiracist: How to Start the Conversation about Race and Take Action.

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From the Archives: St. Philip’s Church, Cumberland, Part II

On January 21, 1966, Paul Holland wrote to William Wilson of Emmanuel’s vestry, “Our records indicate that the deed for St. Philip’s church property on Smallwood Street and a small trust fund are held by Emmanuel Church, in trust for St. Philip’s and that Emmanuel has no financial interest therein. The time is approaching when full integration of St. Philip’s and Holy Cross will come about.

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