Truth and Reconciliation

Becoming Beloved Community – The Reparations Fund of the Episcopal Diocese of Maryland

For decades, the Episcopal Diocese of Maryland has examined its history and wrestled with how we are called to repair the breach caused by slavery and racism. This post shares some insights into how our diocese moved from research and learning to funding and action guided by our Baptismal Covenant, which calls us into becoming a beloved community of love.

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Black History Month – Reflections from our TRC

During Black History month, our Diocesan Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) members are reflecting on a word each day that is relevant to the struggle for civil rights in our Country. The reflections are being posted on the TRC Facebook page. Below are the posts from this first week in Black History Month. You are invited to join us in meditating on how we can pull a little harder on that arc of history as we bend it toward justice. Follow the Diocesan Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) Facebook page.

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2024 Reparations Grants cycle to open January 15

The Diocese of Maryland Reparations Committee is pleased to announce that grant applications for the third round of awards from the Diocesan Reparations Fund will open on Monday, January 15. These grants are open to any organization within the geographical region of the Diocese of Maryland that has a proven history of doing the work of restoring African American and Black communities, as well as to startups whose mission and goals are the same.

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Landmark partnership brings new life to church property in Baltimore City

In the heart of Baltimore City’s Waverly neighborhood, a historic collaboration is set to breathe new life into our cherished St. John’s Episcopal Church property. At a recent press conference held November 21 in the sanctuary, community leaders, including Councilwoman Odette Ramos, unveiled a landmark partnership between the Sutton Scholars program, the BIT Center, and the Episcopal Diocese of Maryland.

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