Youth Ministry

An update from Kate Riley on diocesan youth ministry

This fall will be different and so we must approach it differently. Contact your youth leaders, your clergy person, and one another to discover something new. What can be offered that has never been thought of before? What can be improved on from home? Who can be invited that has not participated before? Take this time to discern what might be next.

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Nightwatch 2020, for Episcoposse, was Divine

During lunch, I was able to make connections with people I would have never been able to talk to, which honestly was the theme of the entire trip. Whether I was on the bus, or during the scavenger hunt, or stopping in a souvenir shop on the street buying my 106th hat, I was able to see people I had never met before and become good friends with them. I was also able to strengthen bonds that I had with my friends. Overall, I think that Nightwatch was a great experience where I was able to grow more as both a Christian and a person.

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Happening #13 Faith Breaks Free!

Happening, while it is only one weekend, has the ability to change your relationship with not only the people around you, but your relationship with Christ. By listening to other people’s faith stories and talking about discussion questions in small groups, I began to realize how much God’s presence is in my everyday life—I just had to take a second and feel Him.

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